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Autumn Catch Up

We have had such a busy few weeks, so I thought it was time for a blog post to update you all!

Firstly, the school would like to say a huge congratulations to Charlie Hills who competed in the World Martial Arts Games in Italy at the beginning of November. She did brilliantly well, coming third in her category against competitors from all around the world! If you would like to read her account of the competition and see a photograph, please click here.

The next ‘congratulations’ needs to go to the whole of Jupiter class for their amazing performance of ‘The Tempest’ as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. The children had been rehearsing hard since September and their performance on the night was breath-taking. They behaved professionally throughout the whole day and were such a credit to the school. I am unbelievably proud of each and every single one of them and would like to thank them for all their hard work as well as all the families who showed their support by helping with lines, providing costumes and coming to watch the show at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds on the night.

Our School Councillors organised another brilliant day to fundraise for Children in Need. They had designed and made games to be played at playtime and the money raised from these, donations for non-school uniform and our ‘Bring and Buy Bake Sale’ raised a staggering £213! Thank you so much to everyone for your generous donations, both in cake and money!

We have enjoyed our first whole school day linked to our theme of ‘Other Worlds’. Our Magic and Wizardry day was fab – it was great to see all the amazing costumes on show! Children in Mars enjoyed making their own wands, learning spells and creating some fizz-popping potions! The artwork produced in Venus class linked to the Hogwarts uniform was so effective. In Saturn, the children played table Quidditch, solved magical maths problems and designed and made their own Marauders Maps! In Jupiter, some children learnt all about different magical creatures including the Bowtruckle and the Nundus whilst others delved into the world of Potions, researching ingredients and writing their own potion recipes. Thank you to Mrs Snelling for a lovely magical-themed lunch and again to the parents who joined us at the end of the day to share in what we had done.

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