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School Uniform

Children are actively encouraged to wear school uniform every day and we believe it develops a stronger sense of identity and belonging as well as creating a positive image among parents/carers and the wider community. We appreciate the support of parents/carers with this and encourage you to ensure that your child always wears uniform.

A copy of the All Saints Schools Trust uniform policy can be read here:

Children can wear the following:

  • Blue sweatshirt/ fleece/ cardigan with or without the school logo

  • White polo shirt

  • Plain black/grey trousers

  • Plain black/grey tailored shorts

  • Plain black/grey skirt

  • Plain black/grey pinafore

  • Plain black/grey/white socks or black/grey tights

  • Plain black shoes (no trainers, plimsolls, and for health and safety reasons no shoes with a heel, platform, open sandals and 'Croc' style shoes) 


Summer Uniform (Start of Summer Term until October half term)

  • Blue and white checked gingham summer dress


NB - Jeans are not permitted to be worn to school, unless there is a non-school uniform day.


PE Kit

  • Red sweatshirt with or with the school logo

  • Red T-Shirt with or without the school logo

  • Black shorts/skirt

  • Black Jogging bottoms

  • Trainers for outdoor PE


NB - Football shirts are not permitted for PE kit.


Additional Items 

  • Water Bottle (in school every day)

  • Book bag or small ruck sack

  • Waterproof coat

  • Baseball cap/hat  (summer)

  • Woolly hat (winter/spring)

  • Warm coat (winter/spring)

  • Gloves (winter/spring)

School uniform providers

Our uniform has been kept simple to avoid unnecessary expense. We expect all pupils to follow the dress code as written above.

Parents/carers can purchase school uniform and PE kit at any retailer, such as supermarkets, however, sweatshirts and PE shirts with an embroidered school logo are available to buy online from Brigade. They have the full range of our uniform available. Please follow the link to purchase school uniform:

(To find our school search for STRADBROKE PRIMARY (IP21 5HH) or click this direct link to the Stradbroke Primary uniform page:

We do have second hand uniform available from time to time, so please do ask the school office if this is something you require.

Very important - please ensure all clothing is clearly named.


Hair should be neat and tidy and extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school.  The use of styling products should be kept to a minimum and children should not have decorative patterns cut into their hair or have hair coloured or dyed.

Please leave enough time for any shaved patterns or dyed hair to grow out before the start of a new term.

Long hair should be tied back during Physical Education lessons with a suitable soft item to prevent entanglements in apparatus and to prevent it obscuring vision.

A simple hairband or Alice Band may be worn to tie long hair back but anything added as a fashion accessory e.g. bows, Alice bands with ears, unicorn horns, etc, are not permitted.

Make-up and nails

  • Nails need to be sufficiently short to prevent injury to self and others, especially in Physical Education lessons.

  • No make up or nail varnish should be worn.

  • No false nails are permitted to be worn in school.

Jewellery & watches

  • Earrings can be worn (studs only) in school but pose a health and safety risk when children do P.E. Therefore earrings (regardless of type) must be removed by the child during P.E. lessons and swimming. Staff are not permitted to remove, insert or tape earrings. Taping earrings does not solve the issue. If you are considering having your child's ears pierced, we would suggest doing so at the start of the summer holidays, to allow time for you to leave jewelry in your new piercing for the recommended six weeks. 

  • No other jewellery can be worn to school e.g. bracelets, chains, etc.

  • Children can wear watches, but not watches that connect to mobile phones or to the Internet and take photos, e.g. Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, etc. These watches are a distraction and also very expensive, should they get broken, or lost.

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