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Hilltop - Day 1!

What a fantastic first day on our Year 6 residential to Hilltop! Group 1 kicked off with the Tree Top Trail, where they navigated ropes and obstacles at varying levels and worked their way around the course. They were even responsible for clipping themselves safely onto the wire - with the help of instructors of course! Group 2 enjoyed Bushcraft activities - building shelters using large sticks and other natural resources with the aim for the shelter to withstand a thunderstorm! We then learnt how to safely create a fire using our own kindling made from silver birch and flint steel. Group 3 saw the sights of Sheringham on 'The Journey'. They trekked 7km along the beautiful countryside and coast and were even treated to an ice cream! We had a delicious tea of chicken burgers and jam sponge pudding and are so excited for the next few days!


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