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Celebration Assembly - Friday 2nd October

Well done to everybody who earned a certificate this week...

This week's Headteacher's Awards:

Mars - Danica for playing happily with others and being a great helper at tidy-up time.

Venus - Kaitlyn for trying your best in every lessson; such focus and hard-working attitude you star!

Saturn - Lexi - your confidence has grown so much and it's lovely to see you contributing your fantastic ideas.

Jupiter - Austin for going above and beyond in your English work.

Our Star of the Week is George in Marswho has been showing others about our value of Creativity by getting creative at our art table - fantastic independent art work!

Happy Birthday to...

Mars Class:


Housepoint Update:

Well done to all of our Houses for working so hard. The scores currently stand at...

Ash - 165

Beech - 118

Elm - 94

Oak - 93

Check back in next week to see how the scores have changed!


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