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Celebration Assembly - Friday 27th November

Well done to everybody who earned a certificate this week...

This week's Headteacher's Awards:

Mars - Brooklyn for drawing fantastic pictures and working hard at writing his name.

Venus - Alfie for working so hard and trying his best in our end of term assessments - great attitude to learning!

Saturn - Alice for being hardworking and having a brilliant attitude - keep it up!

Jupiter - Josh for adopting a growth mindset when completing his writing in English and completing a fantastic end result.

Our Star of the Week is Arthur in Venus who has been showing others about our value of Humility by supporting your friends during our science investigation and sharing your knowledge in a clear and kind manner - you star!

Happy Birthday to...

Venus Class:




Housepoint Update:

Well done to all of our Houses for working so hard. The scores currently stand at...

Ash - 655

Beech - 455

Elm - 669

Oak - 500

Check back in next week to see how the scores have changed!


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