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Horstead Day One

Day one of Horstead has been great! We arrived and set off for a lovely lunch by the River Bure. Then, we headed back to the centre for our first activity. One group enjoyed canoeing with their boats tied together to ensure they were more stable on the fuller river. They paddled quite a way upstream and got really good at paddling! Another group had to work in pairs to take on crate stacking. Everyone worked really hard with the best group creating a tower 15 crates high! The third group did camp cookery. They had to make and cook bread, pick nettles for nettle tea and forage for apples.

After the activities, we enjoyed playing in the garden before heading inside for some diary writing. Then it was time for tea which was delicious pasta, bolognaise and cheese sauce followed by apple crumble and custard. When we were full, we enjoyed playing with our friends in the games room before a brilliant quiz which saw two teams earning an amazing 37 points.

Just before bed we enjoyed reading Giraffes Can’t Dance together before heading upstairs to have a good sleep ready for another busy day tomorrow.

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