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Hollowford Day 4

We can’t believe that today was our last full day and what a day it has been! We all completed our final activities which included raft-building and the zip wire for some of us. Working as a team, we tied a range of knots (half hitches, figure of eights and square lashings) to create our sturdy, pond-worthy vessels from planks of wood and barrels. Then, after we had all faced our fears and flown down the zip wire, we successfully raced our rafts against another team.

Another of the activities was caving in Bagshawe Cavern. Both of the groups enjoyed looking for a range of fossils before taking on a range of weaselling challenges, squeezing through tight gaps and splashing through puddles. We also completed the polo challenge which involved us breaking a polo in the complete darkness to see a blue spark!

Weaselling today saw the group heading to Higger Tor where they enjoyed stunning views over towards Castleton and Mam Tor. We enjoyed scrambling, rock hopping, weaselling and bouldering, exploring the rocky terrain.

The high ropes saw us take to the sky, balancing on beams, climbing up ladders and taking on the leap of faith. We worked well supporting each other and also improved our team work skills on the obstacle course.

Tonight’s entertainment saw the return of the now infamous Hollowford’s Got Talent! There were a range of acts from land swimming to gymnastics, brass-playing to taekwondo and everyone really enjoyed the fine talent on display.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow to tell you more about our wonderful adventures!

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