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Hollowford Day 3

Today, after another hearty breakfast we set off to take on Mam Tor! It was a challenging trek to the summit (517m above sea level) which saw us walking on the old road (or what is left of it) before taking a steep ascent up to the top. We persevered and kept each other going, supporting everyone to get to the top even when it seemed impossible! When we did arrive at the top, the views were stunning and made the climb worthwhile. Our journey down was a little gentler and we were happy to be back at the centre for a lunch of pizza.

This afternoon, we went into Castleton. First of all, we went to explore Peveril Castle and learnt about when and why the castle was built. We also looked out over the Hope Valley and could see Mam Tor in the distance which made us realise the scale of our achievement from this morning. For the rest of the afternoon, we wandered about the town, buying sweets, ice creams and souvenirs to bring home.

This evening, we enjoyed playing outside before finishing our quiz from yesterday and heading off to bed to rest for our last full day tomorrow!

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