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Hollowford Day 2

What a busy first full day it has been! Today, each group has done two activities. Some of us headed off for weaselling, scrambling over rocks and wiggling through narrow gaps. We had to work together to guide each other around a range of routes and were surprised at the challenges we tackled successfully. Others of us went to Bagshaw Cave, climbing down almost 100 steps to explore the underground tunnels. We learnt about how the caves had been formed millions of years ago and found out more about the history of the mining cave. We also spent a minute in complete darkness which was a great experience for us all!

For raft building, we worked together to build our raft and then raced them against another team after we had conquered the zipwire. This afternoon, two groups tackled high ropes in the rain and, despite the slightly slippery conditions, everybody took on the leap of faith and two other climbs high in the sky. They also helped keep each other safe, belaying the rope and supporting their teammates.

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