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Language and Culture Day

Today we enjoyed our Language and Culture day which saw each of the house groups visiting four different places to learn about and celebrate their culture.

In Mars, we learnt about Greece. We learnt how to say hello and goodbye in Greek and made our own Greek flags. We really enjoyed doing some traditional Greek dancing and loved tasting some authentic Greek food including olives, figs and feta cheese.

In Venus, we explored China. We learnt more about the country’s culture, learnt how to say numbers then practised writing them using watercolours. We also made tangrams, created Chinese dragon pictures on the computers and tasted a selection of Chinese food such as egg fried rice and spring rolls.

In Saturn, we visited Chile where we talked about the climate and the Andes (a mountain range). We designed flags and played a traditional Chilean game called 'Rayuela' in the sunshine. As a whole school we created a tessellating pattern of brightly coloured fish and we also ate Alfajores with Dulce de Leche.

In Jupiter, we journeyed to Dubai, a city state in the United Arab Emirates. We marvelled over the amazing buildings (such as the Burj Khalifa) and learnt about the Palm Jumeirah, creating our own sand pictures of the brilliant structure. Working in groups, we used tissue paper to grow our own versions of the Miracle Gardens. We learnt how to say and write the numbers 0 – 5 in Arabic and tasted some delicious falafel.

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