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Thursday 12th July . . . . Happy Birthday, Faith

Today, the day started with us wishing Faith a very happy 11th birthday! Then, after breakfast we set off on our activities. Some of us built rafts to race and conquered the zipwire whilst others went caving or on the high ropes. In the afternoon, we completed our last activity of either caving, weaselling, high ropes or raft building and the zip wire.

This evening, we enjoyed ‘Hollowford’s Got Talent’ where we were treated to a wide range of acts. The highlight of the evening was Hattie and Edward being crowned champions with their parody of ‘Skyfall’ based around desserts! We are all packed up and ready to head home tomorrow to tell you all about our adventures.

Wednesday 11th July

Today we have walked over 7 ½ miles! This morning, we trekked up Mam Tor, the second tallest Iron Age Fort in England. On the walk up, we had plenty of rests in the shade and everyone challenged themselves to climb to the top. When we got to the top, the view was beautiful and we even saw the British Paragliding champion! Our instructor told us that he had even flown from Castleton to Lowestoft and it had taken him 7 hours!

After lunch, we went into Castleton and the first place we went was Peveril Castle where we enjoyed finding out more about its history and seeing Mam Tor which we had climbed in the morning. Then we headed into the town and enjoyed buying ice creams, souvenirs and sweets.

As this is being typed, we are enjoying watching the England game – you can probably hear us from Stradbroke! We are looking forward to our last full day tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10th July 2018

Today, the day began with a hearty cooked breakfast to set us in good stead for a busy day. This morning, some of us headed off weaselling, scrambling over rocks, squeezing through narrow gaps and working together to navigate the hillside. Others pulled on our wellies and headlamps and ventured down into Giant’s Cave. We enjoyed learning about stalagmites and stalactites as we explored the cave, challenging ourselves to fit through small spaces. The other two activities were high ropes where we had to shimmy our way along narrow beams, climb up ladders and stretch between vines. The final activity was raft building and the zip wire. We had to work as a team to build a raft (some with more success than others!) and raced it against another team.

Tea today was roast chicken followed by more games outside in the evening sunshine and the infamous Hollowford quiz before bed.

We have arrived safely!

After a relatively quiet coach journey, we wandered through Castleton to The Hollowford Centre. We unpacked and made our beds and then enjoyed a delicious tea. After tea, we set off on a short trek around the local area. We saw a paraglider, Odin’s mine and lots of adventurous sheep. When we got back to the centre, we spent some time playing on the park before heading off to bed ready for a busy day tomorrow.

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