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The first thing we did today was to make our sandwiches for lunch. After that, we had breakfast and then got ready for our first activity. We all enjoyed challenging ourselves to stack that extra crate, reach a bit taller on the climbing wall, improve our paddling skills or work together to make the best shelter.

After lunch, we had a great time playing outside in the garden before heading off to another activity. Tea tonight was a BBQ which was followed by a bonfire, complete with campfire songs and marshmallow toasting! After some hot chocolate and a bedtime story, we headed to bed. We are really looking forward to our final activity tomorrow and can’t wait to tell you about all our adventures!

Sep 20th

Year 4 and Year 5 have arrived at Horstead and started their first activity at 2pm.

"Today we arrived at The Horstead Centre. First, we walked down to the River Bure and enjoyed eating our lunch beside the water. When we got back to the centre and unpacked, we headed off on our first activity with some of us heading back to the river for canoeing, others climbing high on the crate stack or tower and another group learning how to make shelters in bushcraft.

After the activity, we played outside and wrote in our diaries before a delicious tea. This evening, we took part in a fun quiz and then had a story before heading off to bed, ready for another busy day tomorrow!"

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