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Horstead 2016 Blog

Wednesday September 14th, The journey begins . . . .


We have arrived in beautiful, sunny Horstead! We began by wandering down to the River Bure where we enjoyed eating our lunch in the shade (although some of us were disappointed that we weren't dining on a boat!) before heading back to the centre.

Then, we found out which rooms we were in and headed off to unpack. When we had tidied our rooms (mostly) we split into our activity groups and headed off for our first adventure. Over the three days, each group will canoe, climb the tower and zip wire, work in teams to crate stack and make and cook food over a camp fire. We all really enjoyed the activities and snippets were heard including...

"I have learnt that you just have to face your fears and do it anyway and then you'll feel amazing!"

"It was amazing learning how to make nettle bracelets - they're as strong as rope!"

"This is brilliant!"

After our first activity we settled down to do some diary writing - we will be bringing these home with us so please keep your eye out for them! Following some time outside we headed in for a delicious tea of lasagne, salad and garlic bread with apple crumble and custard to finish.

We ended the evening with a fun quiz before heading off to bed, ready to get some sleep for the day ahead.


Thursday 15th September

Wow! We have had another very busy and beautifully sunny day. We started the day by making our own sandwiches (with some interesting concoctions to say the least) and then filled up on a hearty breakfast to set us up for the day.

After some down time, we set off for our first activity. We all worked well in teams and enjoyed learning new skills.

Lunchtime saw us eating our creations outside on the patio. We had a lovely long playtime, stretching our legs, practising our football, basketball and hula-hooping skills, with Mrs Deatker hula-hooping for the very first time thanks to the expert tuition of some of the children!

Then we took part in our final activity of the day before heading back to the centre to add to our diaries. We got to visit the souvenir shop and loved playing all the different games in the games room.

Tea tonight was a fabulous BBQ which we enjoyed outside in the sunshine. Then it was time to pack up and tidy our rooms before we ventured outside to the camp fire. We were very lucky to get to toast marshmallows and make S’mores and our singing brightened up the summer evening.

We headed off to bed, weary and ready for our final adventures before we head home.

To sum up the trip, as one child said, “If you want a delicious breakfast, fun activities and a good night’s sleep, then Horstead is the place to be!”


Friday 16th September

Although a little wetter than the last two days, we had a great time taking part in our final activity on Friday morning! We enjoyed eating our last homemade packed lunches and then said thank you before heading home. Those of us who get to go next year can’t wait to return!

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