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Children In Need BE A HERO!

On Friday 13th November this year we are raising money for Children In Need. The theme the year is Super Heroes and we intend to have an amazing day!

The School Council have come up with some smashing fund raising ideas - from Superhero Biscuits, to How Many Spots On The Cape!

There will be lots of activities to take part in, some for free and some for small change; please limit your 'charity pennies' to £3 per child. It would also be helpful for children to bring in their money in a small purse of wallet - silver and bronze is most welcome!!!

On the day, if you wish, it would look FANTASTIC if all the children could dress up as thier favourite Superhero, Spottiest outfit or a hero/heroine of their choice!

The video from BBC Children in Need might give you some ideas (or make you chuckle) and this link HERE has some ideas for homemade Superhero costumes!

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