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Our Christian Ethos

Values for Life

Rooted and grounded in love...

in all that we do, we prosper.

(Ephesians 3:17, Psalm 1:3)

As a whole school community, we promote and follow Values for Life, which are 18 values that we focus on over 3 years. We focus on a different Value each half term and each is treated as a moral for living our everyday lives. Using stories from the Bible, we make links and reflect upon the importance of each Value.

Our two Biblical quotes embed the notion of our whole community being held together by love and nurture, as well as our vision of giving individuals the skills they need to achieve and prosper.

Our Values logo links to our school logo of a tree and each part is important in its own way:

  • The roots represent our Christian ethos

  • Stradbroke Primary School is the trunk of the tree

  • We have 5 key Values which we promote and they are represented by the branches of the tree - Respect, Creativity, Courage, Perseverance and Friendship

  • The leaves represent all of the stakeholders involved to bring together our whole school community

  • Finally, the doves around the tree signify individuals leaving our school to embark upon their own journeys!

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