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Come and have a look at what we get up to at school!

Mars Class

Mars is the first class in the school - all the children are in Reception or Year 1.  Our teachers are Mrs Hill and Mrs Sanders and our teaching assistant is Mrs Coe.


Children in Jupiter are in Year 6!  Our teacher is MIss Doubleday and our teaching assistant is Mrs Williams.  Have a look at our photos.

Venus Class

Come and see what we do in Venus class!  Our teacher is Mrs Keeble and our teaching assistants are Mrs Owen and Mrs Smith.  We are in Year 1 and 2!

School Council

Each year we vote for a new School Council.  The children work together to raise money for charity and make the school a better place for everyone.

More info coming soon...

Neptune Class

In Neptune class we are in Year 3 and 4!  Our teacher is Mr Robson and our teaching assistants are Mrs Varela, Mrs Blomfield, Miss Chilvers and Mrs Green.

Junior Road Safety Officers

Every year, Year 5 children apply to be Junior Road Safety officers.  We select a group who work together to help keep our school community safe on the roads.

More info coming soon...

Saturn Class

This is the page to show you about learning in Saturn.  Our teacher is Miss Cragoe and our teaching assistant is Mrs Skingley.  We are in Year 4 and 5!

Junior Ethos Committee

We have a representative from each class who come together to make up our Junior Ethos Committee.  This team help to ensure that everyone is following our Christian Ethos.

More info coming soon...
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