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  • James Hargrave & Melanie Barrow

Proposal To Create All Saints Schools Trust

The school Governing Body has been carefully considering the future strategy for Stradbroke CEVC Primary given the wider Government policy on education and the running of schools.

Our school is performing well with a current Ofsted judgement of Good. However, in an increasingly challenging educational landscape we recognise that maintaining and improving school performance needs a fresh and sustainable plan We believe that the proposal below will enable us to provide an even better educational experience for our children at Stradbroke CEVC Primary

The Proposed Plan

Governors and Headteachers from five local schools have been exploring how to develop deeper school-to-school partnership for a few months, having already seen some of the benefits of highly effective collaborative working. These schools are:

  • All Saints CEVA Primary School, Laxfield

  • Fressingfield CEVC Primary School

  • St Peter and St Paul CEVA Primary School, Eye

  • Stradbroke CEVC Primary School

  • Wortham Primary School

The schools’ Governing Bodies and Headteachers have developed a proposal to create a new multi academy trust, All Saints Schools Trust.

We are confident that the All Saints Schools Trust would enable each school to build on their existing strengths through even greater collaboration and joint working between member schools.

The proposed multi academy trust would be established in January 2018 by all five schools, which would each convert to academy status.

We have set out in more detail the plan, benefits, vision and management of the proposed All Saints Schools Trust in the full consultation document READ IT HERE. Please take time to read this important document so you can see how this change will benefit your children.

Consultation on the proposed plan

Governors wish to consult with parents, carers, staff, students and the wider school community on the proposal. The consultation will run from Monday, September 11th until Friday, October 6th.

We would like to invite parents and carers to attend any one of a number of meetings detailed below:

The Headteacher, Mrs Melanie Barrow, Governors and colleagues from the other schools will make a brief presentation before giving you the chance to have any questions answered about what the proposal will mean for our school as well as other schools in the area.

We are also conducting an online survey (paper copies will be available on request) to understand your views before making a final decision in October 2017. The survey will go live after the meetings on September 20th.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the meetings on either September 19th or 20th.

Mr James Hargrave Mrs Melanie Barrow

Chair of Governors Executive Headteacher


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